The way of Purigado is becoming more and more clear to me.

And that clarity makes it easier to share. Not only in readings, but also in personal coaching.

As in my readings, this coaching is meant to give you life tools, in order for you to dismantle and discover yourself.

Imagine yourself as a set of Matroesjka dolls. The biggest doll seems to stand firmly on the ground, in the world. The dolls within are invisible to the eye, but determine completely how firm it really stand.

For me, that was pretty wobbly. To not fall, I had to go back. And along the way I realised, that the only firmness is wholeness, and that you cannot find wholeness in the world of things. Or, even worse, with or from others! An illusion that is imprinted in us from a very early age.

So we will start at the base, the ground on which you have built the image of yourself. From that base, we will slowly work our way inside and follow your ‘dolls’. We unravel the thoughts about your body, your ego, your painbody – as Eckart Tolle calls it so beautifully.

Thus you will discover the real strength with which you can let your dolls of your energetic body and soul – that you have been hiding to protect for such a long time – take their place in the world, in a safe balance.

Then, when all the dolls work together, you stand firm. You are whole. And finally we reach the field of inspiration, which cannot be captured in a doll…

If you want to go down this road with me, please feel free to contact me. If the distance to Midwoud is too far, there are possibilities to get this coaching online.


Cost: Dana

Dana (generosity) has a long history in Buddhist communities, as a spiritual practice as well as a way of collecting money. The teaching is free of charge, but there is a support necessary for them, who dedicate their lives to teaching in conscious attention.

Dana is a gift, given from our hearts, in accordance with someone’s means and circumstances. Through Dana we make sure that in the future the fruits of the practice are also available for others. Dana is a free donation that is given as a token of appreciation for the teaching and as a contribution in the cost of living of the teacher who is totally or partially depending on receiving Dana.


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